One Course to let go

»Be inspired to ease into a state of continuous lightness, love and joy«.

Letting go is the key. Participate in our Online Course if you want to know what It means to let go and how to do it.

My name is Anton Casagrande and I founded the school of nothing to inspire you to live a life full of love and joy.

I am offering a free 15-minute consultation if you want to meet me before signing up for the course : )

Personal Growth Online Class

The School of Nothing Online Course
»Rediscover Consciousness«
Learn to let go

Rediscover Consciousness is a cohort-based online course.
It is about realising the essence of your being in every part of yourself and every aspect of life.
You will learn what that has to do with letting go and how to do it.
Thereby you free your mind, find balance, dissolve pain and ease into a state of continuous wellbeing, love and growth.

How to proceed

First Step
Book your free 15-Minute consultation with Anton Casagrande.

Second Step
In the consultation, you can find out if you want to participate in the online course or private counselling sessions.

Third Step
After completing the online course or progressing in the private sessions, you can join our community for further exchange and live group sessions.

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