Personal Growth Online Class

Change from within

School of Nothing is a space that invites you to realize the nature of your existence, offering an personal growth online course as well as weekly group sessions, giving guidance for your profound realization of »Who am I«.

You thereby invite change into every aspect of your life. Learn about true self improvement with our online courses!

Good to see you 🙂

Personal Growth Online Class

School of Nothing –
Rediscover Consciousness is your Personal Growth online Class

Rediscover Consciousness is a cohort-based online self development course. True personal development offers you a chance to free your mind, dissolve pain and be empowered to handle any situation in life.

School of Nothing – Community

Access all the course material including the workbook and video recordings of the live sessions. You also have the possibility to meet and engage with other participants who are like you on the journey of true self improvement.

Private Counselling Sessions

Sometimes it takes a safe space to open up and have a breakthrough. If you are interested in private counseling sessions with Anton you can book a calendar slot here.

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