School of Nothing

Our School and the rediscover consciousness online course was initiated by Anton Casagrande. He wishes to give people around the world the possibility to receive this invitation to change.

Anton Casagrande’s former »Conscious Training« unfolded into the School of Nothing. It is far more than just »Awareness Training«, »Becoming conscious of this and that«, or »Life coaching«. It goes far beyond the conventional understanding of “personal Development” or “personal Growth”, because it is not about optimizing your persona.
It is about true and lasting development and growing beyond your persona by letting go.

This is why it got its own category that is more than a category: »School of Nothing«.

School of Nothing – Personal Development Online Course

About Anton: Lets hear from him directly!

I was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. After spending one year in the US, I finished high school and went to university back home. Studying dentistry was quite a handful.

After the birth of my first son during my sixth semester, I was thrown entirely off balance. I stressed myself with fears of failure and all the tasks at hand, while not taking good care of my health. All of that built up into a state of misery and sickness.

It became clear that without change, life quality and even survival were uncertain, given my current state and looking at the years to come.

»Does life really have to be this way?« became the looming question. The sense of »there must be more than that« arose. From then on, I began the quest for answers with a strong focus on my state of being and ways to feel better.

I experienced several breakthroughs, from working with my kinesiologist to encountering Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now, The Wim Hof Method, Papajis Satsang, to name a few.

The final breakthrough wasn’t really a breakthrough. It is more of a realization that comes and settles within. This realization expresses itself in love and clarity and embodies everything I do.

About Antons work

Every human being has the right and the power to open themselves up for light, healing, and freedom. For Anton, empowering people means thinking far beyond the context of material needs and recognizing, feeling and sensing their overarching needs. This makes it possible to take them from their current physical and mental state and give them impulses for self-knowledge and a deep understanding of universal reality.

Anton’s work aims to give effective reference points and inspiration to build a basis and drive towards your development into freedom and joy. Despite an often unconscious and seemingly incomprehensible personal situation, he helps you to discover ways to flow out of it.

The profound understanding of now and the fullness of nothing cannot be grasped intellectually but, through personal encounters in a space of security and love, become perceptible and tangible.

Anton accompanies you at eye level and enforces the Interest of his Clients in a respectful manner. For him, creativity means creating an open space and breaking new ground, using different perspectives and strategies to encourage letting go of conceptual thinking and promoting ideas to show people ways to become increasingly present in the now.

His work breaks through classic structures, dissolves, recognizes opportunities, discovers new ways and generates original solutions to bridge a path into light.

Anton’s goal is to support his clients in unfolding their capability to successfully engage in change processes, shaping them with great joy and energy.

He stands for reliable encounters, pure intention and further development, setting new standards in his field of work. His clients know that they receive honest advice and inspiration.

Compassion, creativity, love and freedom are the basis for his versatile work and »setting in motion« is the central aspect of Anton Casagrande’s activities.

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