Learn to let go

and you will find what you have always been looking for.

Rediscover Consciousness is an online course designed for anyone interested in continuous well-being and blissfulness.
It is about realising the essence of your being in every part of yourself and every aspect of life.
You will learn what that has to do with letting go and how to do it.

The online course program is a three-week commitment to yourself. If you are genuinely interested in lasting fulfillment, now is the ideal time to join! The course can not let go for you, but it can light your way.

All you need is the willingness to change.

The next course will start on Friday 19.01.2024.
There will be one class in english and one in german,
the maximum number of participants for each class is 10.

Ready to begin?
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School of Nothing – Personal Growth Online Class

Content and Process

The course includes three content blocks of recorded video lessons and four 45-minute live sessions with Anton. The live Zoom calls will take place on 4 consecutive Fridays at 6 PM CEST for the German and 7:15 PM CEST for the English group. Please refer to the schedule to understand more about the modules.

All live sessions will be recorded if you miss one or want to rewatch it. Between the live sessions, you will access the recorded video lessons of the week’s topic and engage with your matched partners to discuss the lesson and deepen your realization.

Alongside the video lessons, we encourage you to participate in up to three hours per week of additional inquiry and meditation using the workbook and homework videos. All content and communication outside the live Zoom sessions will be available within the School of Nothing community platform.

We will be going beyond the modern understanding of balance to gain insight on how it affects and shapes the choices you make in everyday life, leading to true personal growth.

Ease into love and freedom by letting go.
Awaken your ability to handle any situation to come.

What’s included:

  • All video course material (German subtitles available) containing 28 Videos structured in 11 different chapters
  • Weekly live sessions (Q&A) with your facilitator Anton Casagrande (approximately 45 min in each session)
  • 3 integral stages to the process: diving, deepening and dissolving
  • Breath work and movement exercises
  • Three course workbook’s with further information and guidelines (Each week has its workbook)
  • Meditation audios to help deepen a living realization of the Content
  • Matchmaking with other participants to have a fruitful exchange
  • The possibility to participate in the School of Nothing Mastermind, a weekly group session that assists you in continuing your development once the course is finished : )

The Schedule

Opening Live Session
[Live Session No. 1]

Week 1 – Basics
In this week’s topic, we look at examples and schemes that use a physiological perspective on letting go, to help us understand a lot of what we experience in everyday life. The main focus this week will be on understanding the autonomic nervous system in a profound way. We go through self-examination, gaining clarity on the meaning of balance.

Week 2 – Deepening
[Live Session No. 2]
In week two, the spotlight is on the nature and role of thoughts. What they are, what they are not and how they influence our state of being.
We gain a deep insight on the meaning of breath work and movement and their effect on balance, thoughts and letting go.
We learn to open up our intellectual-based understanding of life to experience wholeness.

Week 3 – Dissolving and Closing
[Live Session: No. 3]
In week three, we go to the very core of existence and the profound realization of life. We become aware of the most common difficulties in the process of letting go and the possibilities to overcome them.

Closing Live Session with Q&A
[Live Session No. 4]

Registration: €1800 (Max. 10 participants)

You can select the language after signing up.

If you are interested in the online course but face financial difficulties; we also offer a scholarship, just use our contact form and talk to us : )